We have teamed up with technology leaders to offer e-commerce platform for the merchants in Kerala. The Gito.me platform can enable a merchant online in a short span of time and can operate a single inventory system for offline and online sales. IRIS FinX from IRIS of Mumbai enables end to end financial reporting by extracting data from source ERP systems, multiple databases or from spreadsheets.

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Gito.me e-commerce platform

Gito.me is a unique e-commerce platform that helps offline merchants to go online and start growing their business and brand online. In the e-commerce platform space today, there are low end players and high end players. Low end players offer a DIY platform at a cheap cost to the merchant. The high end players offer a very complex and very expensive solution. Gito.me is positioned closer to the high enders from a feature standpoint and closer to the low enders from the price points. (Read more)

Mobile Application Service

XBRL Reporting

As your company grows, so do the complexities in business and financial reporting. You are dealing with multiple currencies, disparate accounting systems, various accounting standards and a host of reporting and compliance regulations. Integrating new business units into the reporting chain make the entire process of maintaining timely and accurate financial reporting a challenging process. For most publicly traded companies, consolidating results on a monthly or quarterly basis across different entities in the group also becomes important. IRIS FinX has been created to meet all these requirements and more. ( www.irisbusiness.com )

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