In the Internet world today especially, in India and the other emerging markets, the growth potential for e-commerce is unbound. Yet the offline merchant does not have the proper means of leveraging the potential to grow their business effectively. A merchant could be any manufacturer, distributor, retailer (single store/multi-store), franchise brand, market place, association or any individual or organization that would like to effectively leverage the online world for growing their business. The merchant has a couple of options to harness the e-commerce potential. One is to sell their products/services on other e-retail sites or build their own individual company sites and sell through their own sites. If they choose to do the former they will heavily lose heavily on margin and brand; if they choose the latter they may lose on sales volumes. is a unique e-commerce platform that helps offline merchants to go online and start growing their business and brand online. In the e-commerce platform space today, there are low end players and high end players. Low end players offer a DIY platform at a cheap cost to the merchant. The high end players offer a very complex and very expensive solution. is positioned closer to the high enders from a feature standpoint and closer to the low enders from the price points. Seen from the front end and back end, the low end players offer the store front and there are several back end players who offer products and solutions from the back office requirements. There is no single provider of an integrated solution. COIPL's "" offering is strategically positioned from all vantage points and can offer the right solution to every offline merchant. Several marketing channels, service plans and strategies are offered to increase the visibility, traffic and hence business for the participating merchants. One such channel is which was earlier a proof of concept live site doing retail activities directly. The experience and expertise has been baked into the platform. COIPL customers will get visibility through their presence on CostpriZe marketing platform. COIPL has an ever increasing number of private marketplaces on its platform where customers can have their presence and market themselves.

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